IV Nutrient
Therapy and Vitamin Injections

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Your body needs many different vitamins and minerals in order to function properly. Most vitamins come from sources outside the body, mainly through your dietary intake. The problem is, with the soil being depleted of rich nutrients, the food grown in this soil is lacking optimal levels of these nutrients. This in turn can't help to keep the body nourished with what it needs. Additionally, our bodies do not fully absorb what is taken in through our diets. Bypassing the gut with an IV (intravenous) infusion sends the nutrients directly to the bloodstream, ensuring maximum absorption of these nutrients. With IV Therapy you will get all the goodness from vitamins in the ease of a 30-45 minute IV drip. IV Nutrient therapy is a safe, fast, efficient way to deliver essential fluids, vitamins & nutrients directly into the bloodstream to ensure 100% bioavailability.  Each infusion is designed to leave you feeling refreshed & full of vitality. We offer several drips for several different needs.

VITAMIN/FAT LOSS INJECTIONS: Weekly or Monthly injection treatments. 



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